Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is how I feel about swimming.

We've been swimming/splash padding a lot. It's only June. I have a good 3-4 months of swimming left. I better toughen up.

It starts like this:
3 kids in jammies
then I put on:
2 swim diapers
3 swim suits- CUTE swimsuits
2 swim cover ups
3 pairs of shoes

Pack a bag with:
3 baggies of snacks
3 sippy cups of water
3 towels
2 kinds of sunscreen
2 dry diapers
1 package of wipes
3 pairs of dry shorts
3 dry t-shirts
1 pair of undies for Quinn

Load up the car with:
3 kids
2 puddle jumpers (floaties)
1 floatie for Veda
6 pool toys/water squirties

Drive/walk to the pool or splash pad

apply 2 kinds of sunscreen to 3 kids
put on 3 floaties
then we play in the water for not that long
then feed 3 kids a snack and drink of water
we play for a little longer
then dry off 3 kids

Drive/walk home

take off:
3 wet swimsuits
2 soggy swim diapers
put dry clothes on 3 kids
Hurry and make lunch for 3 starving and tired kids
Have 1 giant mountain of wet laundry to do.

Is it worth it? Probably :)


Mom said...

I'd think it's worth it. You're building fun memories. Wish I had access to swimming pools.

April Johnson said...

Last summer, we had a pass to Eagle Island in Meridian. We went like 3 days a week, so I just loaded everything in the red wagon, and only took out the stuff that I needed to wash so that when we went again, I just put the wagon in the back of my car with everything still in it from the last trip! HOWEVER, that was 1 kid...3 may have me singing a different tune!

kelsey said...

definitely worth it. they'll thank you later for being "the cool mom who took us swimming every day"

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

gosh does NOT sound worth it to me!!!! but i am not nearly as good of a momma ss you are ;)

Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome! We haven't gone yet. :) I admire how much you take your kids to the park and to the splash pad.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

I'm tired just reading this Amber! Good for you though, I am sure you have happy kiddos!

Julie said...

I remember those days with Caleb and Emma and Jonathan. Definitely worth it! Nothing wipes out a kid like a trip to the pool! :)