Monday, June 13, 2011

veda/quinn comparisons

after looking at these comparisons, you'll see that Veda is wearing clothes that Quinn wore when she was over a year old! Veda is such a healthy girl :)

Veda at 13 weeks. see her cute little dimple on her right cheek???

Quinn at 11months

Veda at 10 weeks

Quinn at 15 months

Veda 13 weeks

Quinn 15months

veda at 13 weeks

Quinn at 15 months (she was such a little peanut!! This dress is kinda hard to get on veda right now...)

Quinn at 13months (sorry-- couldn't find a picture of Veda, but she wears these leggings all the time! and they are TIGHT on her legs)

Veda at 13 weeks (She got to wear TWO dresses on sunday, since she pooped on this before we got to church) stinker :)

Quinn at 14 months. I LOVE this picture of Quinn!! (I made this dress, by the way)

Quinn at 15 months. and no picture of Veda?? She wore this shirt today and swore I took a picture, but I guess not :(

And just another picture of my little Darth Veda. Thanks Chelsey for this adorable skirt :)


kelsey said...

Aw, I miss that little 15-month old quinn! So stinking cute. I love that Veda is a chunk, she is so darling. I can actually see a resemblance between them too in these pics.

Trish said...

I LOVE how you compare your girls! Its so fun to see the difference...especially in size! You have adorable kids!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Too cute.....I forget how tiny Quinno was :-)

Kourtni said...

That is exactly how it is with my kids and I LOVE it!