Wednesday, June 22, 2011

refashions and Elmer's glue

I've had a pile of things I wanted to 'refashion,' and today I tackled a lot of them!!
This was just a plain tank top that i wore a lot while i was pregnant. but it is a size bigger than i usually wear, so now wasn't really an exciting option. i have a favorite shirt from the GAP that I patterned this after. It's just some super soft tulle, gathered, and sewn down the middle. in a haphazard crooked manner :)

before: another maternity tank top

I cut off the bottom and used it to create the mess by the collar. not bad for my first shot and having no plan in mind when I started. anyone want me to come over and cut up your clothes and sew them back together? it's kinda fun :)

before: yet another maternity shirt

used it to make the waist band for a skirt for Veda. I used THIS tutorial. super fun and easy-- hopefully I'll make more. maybe i'll make quinn one just like it since i obviously have some shirt left over for another waistband.

this tank top was always just WAY too long. weird- usually I have the opposite problem with shirts. so I cut three inches off the bottom, gathered part of it, and sewed it on.

and this used to be a dress. It always made me look pregnant. so I cut it off, hemmed it, and removed the lining. i haven't tried it on since I hemmed it, but I'm hoping that since I removed the lining, it will be less bulky-- and hopefully I won't look pregnant when I wear it. fingers crossed.

and maybe I'll wear one of these tomorrow and take a picture, since it is a lot more fun to look at people :)
and just so this post isn't completely lacking, here's my cute big girl doing a craft. my three favorite things about this picture:
1. her arms. so cute
2. her hair- also so cute
3. that's she's picking glue off her fingers. she can spend FOREVER picking glue off her fingers when we are doing a craft. it's very time consuming. If i need some peace and quiet, get out the Elmer's.

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Mom said...

You are a refashioning genius! I love the little ruffles you're adding to stuff. Aunt Val saw my I-pad pouch and said you should make her something that soft for her phone or camera. Sounds like a great idea. I'll watch for that soft fabric on a good sale. Quinn is so cute and crafty.