Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new headbands!!!

i thought veda might be old enough for a few bigger headbands. she woke up 12 minutes into my crafting so i only got two done, but hopefully i'll make her a few more before the day's over.

"whatcha doing mom?"

"do you always take this many pictures??!"

"Okay, go ahead. Maybe I like it."

... ha... i just can't help myself with 'baby-thought' captions. and i know the headband doesn't match this, i just wanted her to try it on :) the purple is just knit fabric. and the elastic i got from Pick your Plum-- i got a super good deal!!


Lindsay said...

those are so cute. i havent even made any of the other ones with the flowers you sent me. i have all the things to make them but just haven't gotten around to it. you're so good. i love them.

Mom said...

AWWWW! Love the cute cheeks I want to kiss. Love the headband too. I don't think she knows when things don't match... And she's as cute as a button.