Tuesday, June 28, 2011

cats, monsters, and lucky sleep

we have ONE dragon washcloth puppet that the kids both love. The problem-- is that we have ONE. I've been meaning to make them some more, but haven't done it-- until yesterday. I made two cats.

next time I THINK i can sew straight while holding a baby, hopefully I'll remember these. I obviously can't. in fact-- hendrix doesn't even realize it's a cat- he thinks it's a monster.

i love finding all of hendrix's funny places for toys. This is his cement truck full of little cars. I always find little rows of cars, or a pot in the cupboard filled with trucks, or a shoe with little cars in it.

just some random stuff about my kids right now:
hendrix says an 'l' instead of a 'y.' for example:
Hendrix: while reaching to take some chips off my plate, "here, I'll eat that for Lou."
Hendrix: seeing a bug outside: "Ew.... that's Lucky!"
Hendrix: While being super cute: "Love Lou mommy!"

Veda sleeps through the night sometimes. And it's AWESOME. It doens't happen every night, but i take what i can get. We DOUBLE swaddle her. funny/weird, huh? I use the Kiddopotomus swaddle first, which kind keeps her arms down. but if i JUST use that one, she gets an arm out and it wakes her up. so over the Kiddopotomus swaddle, I use a Woombie. it zips up, so there is no chance of her getting an arm out. but I can't just use that one because it's so stretchy that she can still wake herself up with her hands if i don't have the other one underneath. weird-- but it works :)

i also love that we are growing strawberries in our garden. this is our third bowl of strawberries (we've had tons, but if I pick them with hendrix, he'll eat them as fast as i pick them). And before we had a net over them, he would pick ALL of them-- even the white ones. For some reason he didn't think they were "lucky."

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Mom said...

Cute kitty (aka monster) puppets/washcloths! Extremely cute kids! I put in strawberry starts this year but the lady at the nursery said to pick all the blossoms off this year and plan on strawberries next year. Something ate up a lot of the leaves though.