Monday, June 20, 2011

water balloons!!

we can cross our first thing off our summer bucket list. water balloons take 25 minutes to fill with water, and about 39 seconds to throw them all.

but at least it was 39 seconds of fun!!

i wish this was a close-up of his face. and does this boy know how to dress for summer or what??? i put this rocket ship on his pj's, and he refused to have the top taken off today (at least he let me put shorts on him). and who needs flip flops when you have rain boots?!

since the balloons were gone so fast, we decided to fill up the pool.

hendrix wouldn't get in. but he had fun throwing toys in

and it might be a long summer with this girl. if there is a teeny-tiny little bug she kinda freaks

yay for summer!!!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

how fun! what's your next bucket list adventure?

Heather said...

haha I totally understand the bug thing. If Gracie even sees a fuzz or hair in our house she freaks and thinks it's a spider. She's even scared of flies.

Looks like they had fun with the water balloons!

Leslie said...

Good job Am, at least you got outside and did something fun! Poor Hendrix, I hope he quits getting sick or you go to doc who can figure something out to keep him from being sick so much. And you should add a comparison pick of Quinn in the top post of Veda, because I know I have pics of Evie wearing that outfit when she was at least 15 months!

Mom said...

Dad might be jealous of that rocket shirt! Yes hooray for summer fun!