Thursday, June 09, 2011

nick names

hendrix is doing great. we still do steroids and breathing treatments, but he's doing awesome compared to earlier this week!!! it's nice to have my boy back!! he's not 100%, but well on his way. hooray for medicine and doctors. (this is an old picture. he doesn't look quite as rosy cheeked as this yet. and speaking of cheeks, I CAN NOT get the sticky off his cheeks from the stickers they put on them to hold his oxygen in. so his cheeks aren't rosy, they are grey/sticky/fuzzy.)

I thought I would fill you in on all the crazy nick names we have around here. maybe more for my own records since you might not care :)

Sweet- V
Miss- V

(wow... a lack of nicknames for the little man. this is no indication of our apparent love for him)

and a picture of daddy and our sweet "Miss V." Dave is still dropping pounds and doing awesome with Insanity. I've started running, since it is so much easier to go for a run than do Insanity. And Thank you, Insanity, for jump starting my jogging level. I can run a couple miles without really trying too hard. PLUS-- having your child in the hospital is a great for weight loss. Two months of Insanity with no results, then two days of X in the hospital and I lose two pounds. I'd rather have the weight to be honest.

way to go daver.


Megan said...

Try baby oil for the sticky stuff, if you don't have baby oil try other oils, olive, coconut etc. It works great on beach tar so it should knock out tape, right?

Mom said...

I'm SO SO SO glad that Hendrix is a little better. Love all your cute nicknames Ambilino! Dave looks fantastic and at least 5 years younger. Way to go Dave.

Sarah Keller said...

I am glad he is doing so well!!!! Here is to a speedy recovery! Love you Hendrix.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

veda is so big!!! i can't believe it! what a cute girl!

dave looks great! and i am gald x is doing better :)